Culture & Pleasure

Art and Culture in Mondsee

Mondsee has many different museums and attractions to offer. For instance, visit “the Long Night of Museums”, with its “Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps UNESCO World Heritage Site” theme. Have a glass of wine and let the “Mondseer Jedermann” performance on the outdoor stage in the Karlsgarten gardens enchant you. Here you can choose from a wide variety of theatrical performances.

Museums & Collections

The Salzkammergut region offers a large selection of interesting traditions, museums, and exhibitions. Local and international artists provide many interesting glimpses into the culture at regularly-held events. The Mondsee region also has many different museums to visit, for instance the Austrian Pfahlbaumuseum, the Mondseer Rauchhaus, or the Bauernmuseum.

The Salzburg Festivals

Whether in the winter, in the summer, or at the Whitsun Festivals. At the Salzburg Festivals there are performances ranging from the world-famous “Jedermann” to Don Giovanni. There is something for every cultural taste. From the traditional “Gasthaus” to the upscale restaurant, Salzburg’s cuisine offers everything that your heart desires. Salzburg is always worth a visit.